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Company profile

Adhering to the principle of "do what you say, do what you must do";

Guidingis company`s English name and it means that the company is guider of special refrigerant industry.

Guiding Precision Cooler Company’ focuses on the research of air-conditioner that being used in special environment and providing customers with system solutions and suitable air-conditioner. Guiding is a comprehensive company with design, production, sales, service and other departments. The company has rich technology, advanced production process and perfect quality management system. The company has passed ISO9001/ISO14001 quality system certification and the systems are operating reliably.

The company`s R & D center and marketing center are located in Shanghai and production base are located in Zhejiang province. There are more than 10,000 square meters of production areas and offices in the two areas and our company is equipped with several domestic advanced air-conditioner production lines and a first-class enthalpy difference testing laboratory. There are four categories and more than 20 series of products including cabinet/container air conditioner, high-temperature special air conditioner, industrial cabinet air conditioner, precision liquid cooling equipment. All the products meet ROHS standard and many models got CE  and UL mark. The products are widely used in new energy  and energy storage, steel and metallurgy, machine tool, oil drilling, etc.

The company has invested a lot of resources in the research of special environment AC and accumulated rich experiences in relevant fields such as limiting ambient temperature working, salt fog and acid corrosion, in desert and Gobi and strong magnetic field environment. The company has made great progresses in technology of cooling in limiting temperature, micro positive pressure and anti-corrosion. The products of company are well received by customers.

The company always adheres to  the  principle "Words must be done" and establishes the company with trusts and integrity for the world.

All the staff are looking forward to cooperate with you to create a bright future.

Quality service

Provide customers with system solutions and applicable air-conditioning products

Management system

Has strong technical strength, advanced production technology and perfect quality management system

Test Lab

Equipped with multiple domestic advanced air conditioner production lines and first-class enthalpy difference test laboratories

Production base

The company implements a combination of Shanghai R & D and marketing center and Zhejiang Jiaxing production base

Industry applications

Products are widely used in electric power new energy, steel metallurgy, machine tool processing, oil drilling and other industries


Has accumulated rich experience in special fields such as strong magnetic field conditions

Product Category

Cabinet / container air conditioners, high-temperature special air conditioners, more than 20 varieties in four categories