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Outdoors cabinet air conditioner GA-B series

Outdoors cabinet air conditioner GA-B series
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lectric cabinet, box-type transformation electrical room, telecommunication and communication base station and precision machine rooms, or other special outdoor places. With highly effective waterproof, snowproof and dustproof performance, strong corrosion resistance, a defense grade of IP55, it is applicable to running in severe coldness and high temperature as well as high altitude.  

The standard interface of this series is RS485, and remote monitoring can be realized via MODBUS protocol. It has power failure memory and can self start when the power is back on.With manifold cautions and protective measures, it is able to run in a non-stop way.  

It is also provided with exterior emergency ventilation connection point for air conditioning fault alarm and operation mode of inner fan energy conservation.  

Simple and convenient in daily servicing, it has high reliability and flexible installation mode, including embedded type (BQ) and external mounting (BG) installation.