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Cabinet air conditioner

Cabinet air conditioner
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  Cabinet air conditioners are also known as electrical cabinet air conditioners. Installed on the electrical control cabinet, fully cool the hot air in the cabinet, so that the electrical components work under the early temperature and clean conditions, thereby improving the stability and reliability of the electrical cabinet work. The products are widely used in machine control cabinets, programs Control switches, integrated machining centers, communication equipment, etc. Features:

  1, with adjustment and dehumidification functions, to ensure the temperature and humidity in the control box;

  2, the air inside the box is circulated, and it is not exchanged with the outside world to ensure the clean inside of the box;

  3. Reasonable structure of air outlet and air inlet to avoid short circuit of air circulation;

  4, real-time detection of air conditioners with alarm function

installation model power supply Cooling capacity Rated current input power Use environment Dimensions weight
Side loading GA-3

Single item


300W 1.2A 260W 286*445*173 15KG
GA-6 600W 2.1A 450W 350*630*203 26KG
GA-10 1000W 4.1A 900W 370*855*231 35KG
GA-15 1500W 4.3A 950W 370*855*231 37KG
GA-25 2500W 7.0A 1600W 435*1160*275 70KG
GA-32 3200W 8.0A 1800W 435*1230*291 80KG
Top loading GA-6D 600W 2.1A 450W 532*240*336 26KG
GA-10D 1000W 4.1A 900W 595*400*480 43KG
GA-15D 1500W 4.3A 950W 594*400*480 45KG

Note: Ordering for other power systems 

requires special instructions, and heating functions 

can be added (except 300W)