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All-in-one air conditioning with micro positive pressure LZ-TRD

All-in-one air conditioning with micro positive pressure LZ-TRD
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All-in-one air conditioning with micro positive pressure is based on the All-in-one air conditioning inside the box series and can control the automatic pressure in the closed space (such as, container, clean room, etc.). It ensures the 10~20Pa positive pressure in the closed space, prevents the dust from entering the closed space, and ensures the cleanliness of the new air container. It has the following characteristics:

The fresh air device and the Ventilation system and the fresh air inlet are installed on the unit, and the container does not need to open a new fresh air inlet.

Control the opening valve in real time to ensure the constant pressure of the container.

The natural air volume is introduced by analog control to avoid the impact on indoor temperature gradient.

The fresh air fan is equipped to avoid blocking of the filter device and results in insufficient supply of fresh air.

The intake air filter can be configured according to customer requirements (optional filter unit maintenance reminder unit).

The new air filter is set up humanized to ensure the convenience of customer maintenance and filtration devices.